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Send Them On A Cruise!

February 25, 2013 by admin

Cruise to the Caribbean! Click Here

Cruising is literally therapeutic for the body and soul.  It reduces stress, relaxes you, exposes you to vitmin-d in the form of sunlight, and can give you plenty of healthy exercise.  Not having to worry about who will cook dinner, or clean the house can unlock a week of complete and total relaxation.

Sending your older loved one, or escorting them on a cruise can be a wonderful experience for them. Not only does it get them out of the house, into open fresh air — but it allows them to see exotic ports of call that they might not have otherwise visited without your gift. Gifting travel is truly the gift that keeps giving, because it will result in years worth of great stories, pictures, and experiences. Popular destinations for older folks currently include Alaska, and the Caribbean.  Most major cruise lines now have special arrangements possible for passengers that are disabled, or may need extra help.  Also, dietary restrictions are no longer a problem — As cruise ships can typically accommodate all diets, from diabetic to gluten free.  Discounts are available if you book a trip for the whole family, so start shopping for cruises today!

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Cruise to the Caribbean! Click Here

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2 Responses to “Send Them On A Cruise!”

  1. AirportBars says:

    Really cool idea! I’ve taken a lot of cruises out of Florida, and they are always loaded with old people. Sounds like a great idea to get several family members together to chip in towards a trip for the grandparents in the future! If you’re going to Ft. Lauderdale, check out a restaurant called Runway 86 — by the way. It’s not in the airport, but it’s a lot of fun and loaded with old gramps from New York! They even showed the Yankees game on the big screen in the middle of the restaurant last time I was there. Great atmosphere!

  2. admin says:

    I like your style! You should totally do a blog on the bars in the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami airports when you have a chance over at — it would be well used by many of our readers!

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