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Gifting Beer & Wine Clubs

February 26, 2013 by admin

A great gift that people will almost always love would be to sign them up for a beer and wine club.  When my great aunt Emily was 85 years old, the family got together and signed her up for the gold medal wine club — and it was probably the first time I’d seen her smile in years.  Wine clubs are a great way of reminding your elderly loved one year-round that you love and care about them.  They will receive a new selection each month, and can enjoy their gift spread out across as much time as you wish.  The health benefits of red wine are well documented these days, as it can help with everything from high blood pressure to diabetes, to heart or liver disease.  Drinking in moderation has been shown to extend peoples lives, and decrease their risk for heart disease as they age.

For me there is certainly no better feeling than relaxing on my patio with a bold red in hand, inhaling the aromas and trying to tell what the different flavors are.  The only thing better is accompanying wine with a great cigar, and good company.  All of the above mix together to make a fabulous evening!

Here are a few of our favorites, and we sincerely hope they become yours as well!

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Virtually all of the wines featured in our five wine of the month club series have garnered top medals from major wine competitions or have been highly rated by national wine publications. Unlike other wine clubs, at Gold Medal Wine Club, we never feature bulk wines, private labels, or close outs. Each specially selected wine comes from a real working winery and is 100% authentic. Winery direct savings based on previous 12 month’s average of actual shipments the club!-300x250 banner

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